About Guitar Forward

Guitar Forward offers expert advice about guitars, from how to choose your first guitar to pushing the boundaries of music you can make with your existing guitar collection.

We are a small community who love to write, record, produce, play, and most importantly just listen to music – especially music that features guitar. We’re willing to experiment and push the boundaries to discover new sounds – in support of a specific song or often just for the sake of exploring what’s possible.

Our contributing writers have many years of experience playing guitar, both as a hobby and in some cases professionally. We know from experience that meeting that advice from a trusted mentor can accelerate your musical journey and sometimes even help inspire a new direction.

Many of us have found ourselves digging through obscure forums, thumbing through out-of-date guidebooks, and asking other musicians we know about their guitar equipment and recording techniques.

Our goal for this site is to help accelerate your musical journey by sharing our lessons learned and the results of our research – ideally this translates to helping you spend less time online and more time making music..

From all our contributors, we remind you to appreciate the journey of making music! Let us know how we can help, and we would love to hear the tracks you’re working on.

– Mark

Guitar Forward Contributors & Editors

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Mark A.
Longtime player,
rock & pedals

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James T.
Acoustic guitar


David A.
Blues guitar